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Rail Transportation

Microsym is active in the rail transportation industry.  We have established experience in designing and building ruggedized electronics for this market. 
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Our activities include:
Standards Actvities: LonMark® Transportation Group
Microsym participates in the LonMark Association as an associate member, and is active in the Transportation Group.  We are currently working on new profiles for passenger rail applications. 
Standards Activities: IEEE-P1544
Microsym is participating in IEEE-P1544 (WG9).  New profiles are being developed in support of IEEE-1473, and we are working on these with the group.  We subscribe to IEEE-SA and IEEE-VTS.  It is our intention to maintain compatibility between the efforts of the IEEE and the efforts of the LonMark Association. 
Products: A190 Packet Tunnel
Microsym has developed a Packet Tunnel for use with LonWorks networks.  The Microsym A190 Packet Tunnel can be adapted to various foreign protocols.  For more information, refer to the A190 information on the products page. 
Product Design and Manufacturing: NYCT R142, R142A, R143
Microsym has designed and is manufacturing components for these NYCT projects, under subcontract to systems suppliers.
Product Design and Manufacturing: NJT COMET V, Multilevel 
Microsym has designed and is manufacturing components for these NJT projects, under subcontract to systems suppliers. 
Research: High-Speed Trainline
Microsym is now researching new high-speed trainline technology.  The goal is to permit reliable transport of control, audio, and video over the trainline.  A new high-speed trainline, in conjunction with the A190 packet tunnel, would allow very efficient implemetation of EIA709 networks on trains.  Eventually, we look forward to having the new high-speed trainline incorporated into IEEE-1473.