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For the success of our customers: deliver defect free services, on demand.
For the happiness of our employees: provide the work place of choice.
For the security of our suppliers: encourage and nurture mutual trust.
For the wellbeing of our community: remain environmentally responsible.
Microsym strives to be the best by being ‘easy to do business with’. Starting with developing lines of communication with you, Microsym works diligently with you to understand your specific needs and requirements. We then align our services, processes and technologies to provide seamless integration between our organizations.  This approach is carried forward to production and systems integration, whether it is one part or several thousand.
Within our design and manufacturing operations we are highly networked, employing the latest technologies of data entry, design simulation, ERP, CAD, and CAM. This enables us to go from concept to finished product at a highly accelerated pace. Our investment in these technologies enables us to support our customer’s passion for speed… speed to design and speed to market.
Customer satisfaction is achieved through effective control of all functions that affect quality.  Microsym is committed to meet or exceed customer expectations through our high standards of quality and delivery. We continuously strive to be the best in our industry, by fostering a quality culture based upon teamwork, responsibility, accountability, on-time deliveries, communications, integrity and trust.
The President has delegated to the Quality Assurance Manager the authority to establish and maintain an effective Total Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001. This System is planned, developed, implemented and monitored along will all other management functions.
Communication between all staff members is an integral element within the Quality System.  It is maintained through training programs, open internal communications and committee meetings in order to ensure that all staff members are fully conversant with company objectives on quality. The Quality Assurance Manual and Quality Assurance Procedures are provided throughout the organization as an indicator of our commitment.
The Quality Assurance Manager regularly reviews the Quality System with the Management Team and staff members to ensure the continuing suitability and effectiveness of the System.