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For the wellbeing of our employees, Microsym strives to provide the work place of choice. Microsym makes every effort to provide a safe and healthy work environment, and to protect employees from injury or occupational disease. These efforts reflect the total commitment to Health and Safety by all of our staff and management.
Microsym, as an employer, is responsible for worker Health & Safety. Microsym's management has made the commitment that every reasonable precaution will be taken for the protection of workers.
It is the responsibility of management to ensure that machinery and equipment are safe, and that employees receive adequate training, so as to protect their Health & Safety. All employees must work in compliance with established safe work practices and procedures.
Everyone who works at Microsym must be dedicated to working safely, and to minimizing risk of injury. Each of us must protect our own Health & Safety as well as the Health & Safety of others by working in compliance with the law, and within the safety regulations established by the Company.